Vulnerability in Android devices Honeywell threatens critical infrastructure

The vulnerability allows you to retrieve information remotely, including passwords.

Honeywell’s Android devices, which specialize in the development of electronic control and automation systems, contain a serious vulnerability that can be exploited by cybercriminals to gain access to critical infrastructure.

Vulnerability (CVE-2018-14825), affecting more than a dozen models of Android-devices, provides an attacker the ability to remotely extract confidential information, including passwords. The following Honeywell models are subject to the problem: CT60, CN80, CT40, CK75, CN75, CT50, D75e, CN51 and ScanPal EDA series running Android from 4.4 KitKat to Oreo 8.1.

For a successful attack, an attacker will need to install a malicious application on the device, with which he can gain access with elevated rights to the system. In this way, he can record keystrokes, collect passwords and personal identifying information, and also access photos, emails and important corporate documents. To exploit the vulnerability, you need professional skills and in-depth knowledge of the target system.

The manufacturer has already released corrective updates and recommended that users allow installation of only trusted applications on devices. Currently, there are no cases of exploitation of the vulnerability.

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