Study: Website security is directly related to SEO

According to a recent survey by GoDaddy, 73.9% of compromised sites were hacked for SEO purposes.

Improving the security of websites should be part of the process of search engine optimization (SEO), experts say. Cyber criminals can hack the site, and its rating will begin to plummet down.

Even if the resource itself was not hacked, constant attacks can interfere with the normal access to it by GoogleBot, which will slow down traffic and stop displaying pages.

According to GoDaddy, 73.9% of compromised sites were hacked for SEO purposes. The attackers add new links and pages to the site and can even display a completely different site just for Google.

“Spam-SEO dares customers and increases the risk of the site being blacklisted. As the statistics show, spam-SEO is very popular with hackers, because this technique allows them to redirect users to malicious sites, ”experts said.

Despite the big risks, only 50% of site owners monitor for potential cyber attacks. An analysis of 65 thousand resources showed that only 6.5 thousand are not displayed in the search engines.

In detecting cyber attacks, you shouldn’t rely only on Google notifications that your website was banned – according to GoDaddy, only 10% of infected sites are denied access.

That is, the remaining 90% of infected resources continue to function as if nothing had happened, and their owners probably did not receive any notifications from Google.

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