Millions of stolen documents from British universities are on sale

Stolen files are offered on Iranian sites for a price of £ 2.

Cyber criminals from Iran have stolen millions of documents, including confidential research in the fields of nuclear energy and cyber security, from universities in the UK, including Oxford and Cambridge. This was reported by the British edition of The Telegraph.

The stolen materials were put up for sale on Iranian sites for a price of £ 2. To purchase files, you must send a request to WhatsApp and Telegram. Then the buyer must transfer the money to the bank account of the attackers, and those in return send the documents.

According to the head of the IT security department at the University of Edinburgh, also a victim of cybercriminals, Alistair Fenemore, the cybercriminals used fake Internet pages to collect the credentials of employees and students of the school. At the present time, a computer security system is being replaced in the university, Finamor said.

As the representative of the University of Cambridge told the publication, the educational institution is aware of the problem, the cybersecurity system is constantly being updated.

In July this year, it became known thatIranian cybercrime groupings were preparing a foundation for large-scale attacks on the infrastructure of the United States and Europe, including power grids, hydroelectric power stations, health organizations and technology enterprises.

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