Microsoft interrupts the installation of Chrome and Firefox in Windows 10

In the insider version of Windows 10 build 1809, the installation process for browsers is interrupted and the Edge advertisement appears.

In order to force users of Windows 10 to give preference to the browser Edge, Microsoft seems to be ready to resort to any tricks. If you open Edge and enter the words “Chrome” or “Firefox” in the Bing search engine, a big banner will open, informing you that “Microsoft Edge is a faster and safer browser on Windows 10 and already installed on your PC.”

For those who ignored the banner of users, Microsoft had another trick. When you try to install Chrome or Firefox, a new notification appears, praising speed and security for Edge. If you click on the blue button in the notification, Edge opens, and if the gray button is selected, the installation process of the selected browser will start. And this happens every time until the user forbids in “Settings” to offer him “recommendations” on the use of applications.

The new functionality was added to the insider versions of Windows 10 build 1809. Will it remain in the final version of the OS, known as Windows 10 October 2018 Update, is unclear.

Of course, Microsoft is not the only company promoting its browser with all its might. For example, the more often a user visits Google sites not through Chrome, the more often he has to reject obsessive offers to install it.

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