Hackers abducted data of 380 thousand passengers British Airways

The burglars stole personal and financial data of British Airways passengers, the air carrier is investigating the abduction. This is reported on the website of the International Airlines Group, the parent company of the air carrier.

As the newspaper The Guardian notes , it is about the data of 380 thousand passengers. At the same time, hackers could not get access to passport data or information about flights of British Airways customers. Hacking occurred through the site of the air carrier and mobile application, while the customers who paid tickets with a card from August 21 to September 5 suffered. Now the airline’s website is working in normal mode, the vulnerability found by cybercriminals has been eliminated. The airline also reported the incident to the police.

In February, hackers kidnapped data about 150 million users of MyFitnessPal, which was developed for the American manufacturer of sports nutrition and equipment Under Armor Inc. Then, crackers were able to access the electronic addresses, logins and passwords of users. The company asked affected users to change passwords for accounts. In this case, Under Armor fell by 4.6% after reporting a cyber attack.

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