Google Search Engine for China will link phone numbers with search queries

The application Dragonfly will be able to tie to the phone number, making it easier to track search queries.

Google is allegedly working on a prototype system to link search queries to phone numbers of their users entering China. The system should be part of a new search service that meets the requirements of Chinese censorship legislation.

The development of the application Dragonfly for Android-devices was kept secret until last month an anonymous source told about it to The Intercept. As reporters report, Dragonfly can be tied to the phone number and thereby simplify the tracking of users’ search queries.

Tracking will be another feature of the search engine along with a black list of search queries such as “human rights”, “student protest” and “Nobel Prize”, which in China usually gives out news about the Chinese activist, Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo. According to the source, the search function also “hardcoded” the function of substituting data on air pollution with data obtained from a Chinese source and probably “tampered with.”

Google denies the existence of the project and in most cases refuses to comment on this. Earlier the company reported that it was conducting only “research work” for the Chinese search engine and still “far from launching a search product” in this country.

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