French intelligence officer sold state secrets on darknet

For issuing secret information intelligence agent received payment in bitcoins.

French law enforcement officers have charged the sale of state secrets to the General Directorate of Internal Security of France on a Darknet. For the issuance of confidential information intelligence officer received payment in bitcoins.

The agent, whose name was not disclosed, was detained last week. According to French media reports, the detainee collaborated not only with members of an organized criminal group, but also with economic intelligence specialists. The agent is also suspected of falsifying administrative documents.

Employees of DGSI were able to identify the seller of the hotel and track its activity using the personal code, which allowed to find out which documents the agent had access to in the internal network of the department.

After the arrest of the suspect, the illegal immigration service (L’Office central pouring the lawyer’s lawsuit, OCRIEST) stopped the criminal network with which the suspect cooperated.

Information about what kind of secrets the intelligence officer sold, and how much he managed to make money on it, is not disclosed. The accused face punishment of 7 years in prison and a fine of € 100 thousand.

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