“Father of the Internet” came up with a way to deal with Amazon, Facebook and Google

The creator of the protocols World Wide Web, URI, URL, HTTP, HTML Tim Berners-Lee (Timothy Berners-Lee) presented a new open source project called Solid, whose main goal is to decentralize the Internet, protect user data and regain control.

The platform is being developed in conjunction with scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other researchers.

Solid works based on existing WWW protocols (HTTP, REST, HTML). The platform will allow users to create their own data stores containing personal information, contact lists and other information.

This way, users will have the opportunity to opt out of third-party repositories (for example, Dropbox) and fully manage their data, deciding who can access it.

“Solid is changing the current model, where users must transfer personal data to digital giants in exchange for services.

As we all understand, it is not in our interests. With Solid, we will improve the Internet to restore the balance, giving everyone the opportunity to fully control the data, personal or not, ”explained the scientist.

Users will receive a kind of virtual passport (WebID) and will be able to decide which applications to provide access to.

So far, Solid is only a framework, but in the future the authors of the project intend to provide an opportunity for “individuals, developers and companies to use new ways to create innovative, reliable and useful applications and services.”

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