In the darknet sell passwords to Facebook accounts for only $ 3

In the darknet sell password and the cost of information varies from $ 3 to $ 12, and payment is accepted in virtual currency.

On the underground marketplaces, usernames and passwords are offered for Facebook user accounts. The cost of information varies from $ 3 to $ 12, and payment is accepted in virtual currency (mainly bitcoin and bitcoin cash), writes The Independent.

The credentials are sold in popular underground markets such as the Dream Market, which offers various malware, hacking tools and other illegal goods. Especially prized personal information of Facebook users.

If the credentials were sold separately at specified prices, their cost would vary from $ 150 million to $ 600 million, the newspaper notes. According to experts, cyber criminals will not stop as long as there is a high payment for information and there is demand for it.

According to the report of the British company Money Guru, logins / passwords are sold on underground sites not only for Facebook accounts, but also for other services. For example, retailers ask about $ 2 for credentials for Reddit user accounts, $ 3 for Twitter, $ 6 for Instagram, and $ 8 for Pinterest.

Last week, the company Facebook reported an error on the site, which threatened to hack accounts 50 million users of social networks. According to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), a company may face a fine of $ 1.63 billion (4% of annual global turnover) if it is found guilty of improper security of users.

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