Counted Earnings of Pirated Sites with Serials

Experts Group-IB calculated that the average monthly income of the owners of pirated sites reaches 10 thousand dollars (about 700 thousand rubles). This is reported in a press release, received by the editorial office of “” .

As researchers reported, the income of pirates depends on advertisers. The main “sponsors” of illegal sites are gambling sites and online casinos. Offers of their services are often inserted directly into the video sequence. For a thousand views of users, the site earns about three dollars (about 200 rubles).

It is reported that now the creation of a portal with illegal content costs criminals $ 240 (16.8 thousand rubles), which allows you to quickly recoup the business. This was due to the popularization of CDN-services (content distribution networks), which unite pirate servers around the world and accelerate the transfer of data to users. Previously, such a service could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Experts estimated that for every Russian with access to the network, an average of 110 views of pirated copies a year. It is reported that almost every second film, released in the movie in 2018, was merged into the network by illegal online theaters.

In 2017, the audience of pirated resources increased by 12 percent. Experts suggest that the increase in the number of visitors will continue.

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