Browser browser developers Brave accused Google of violating the GDPR

Google and other advertising companies disclose the data of users during the sending of the request by the advertising exchange.

The Brave browser team has complained to the authorities of Irelandand the UK that Google and other advertising technology companies are violating the requirements of the General Information Protection Agreement (GDPR) in the field of confidentiality.

According to Team Brave spokesperson Johnny Ryan, Google and other advertising companies disclose user data while the ad auction is being sent to the auction participants (Bid Request). This request is initiated when a user visits a site that hosts a special category of advertisements (behavioral targeting) from Google and other companies.

As the developers claim, the code for these ads collects large amounts of data (information about the content read or viewed by the user, location data, IP addresses, device details and various trackers) and sends them to the advertising platforms. Thus, data can be accessed by potential buyers interested in showing users relevant advertising for them.

The transmitted data can also contain indirect information about ethnicity, political views, sexual orientation and other personal information. At the same time, Ryan says, users can not control who can see their data. This approach is a violation of the requirements of the GDPR, the expert believes.

According to representatives of Google, the company provided users with the ability to control data and advertising settings. If the techno giant and other companies are found guilty of violating the rules, they face a fine of € 20 million ($ 23.25 million) to the amount of 4% of the annual world turnover.

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