Beginner cybercriminals sell access to botnets via Instagram

A number of Instagram pages advertise botnotes and hacked Fortnite player accounts.

While other users post photos of their pets and food to Instagram, novice cybercriminals use a social network to sell hacked accounts from Fortnite, Spotify and other online services, as well as access to botnets for DDoS attacks.

Some Instagram accounts advertise botnets associated with Mirai, others botnets based on other codes. “On Instagram, there are so many people from the (gaming – ed.) Community,” one of the vendors told Motherboard via the Discord platform, which is popular among gamers.

Both the “hackers” themselves and their tools are very uncomplicated. When asked by journalists about where the botnet came from at his disposal and whether he created it himself, the seller, who identified himself as Root Senpai, refused to answer “for security reasons”.

Some tools are advertised on Instagram as posts, and some through the History feature. According to Root Senpai, hacked Fortnite player accounts are now in great demand. As the game grows in popularity, cybercriminals continue to hack player accounts to make in-game purchases and then transfer them to other accounts.

“Personally, I sell for fun and money, because I’m still too young to have a full-time job and earn enough,” Root Senpai admitted.

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