Because of the iMessage vulnerability on iOS 12, messages are sent to the wrong recipients

Apple Support says that the application’s functionality works as expected.

An error in the work of the iMessage application on iOS 12 caused text messages addressed to one user to be sent to completely different ones. The researcher under the pseudonym Piunika Web reported first about the problem in his blog. According to him, he knows at least several cases where messages from users of various Apple devices were sent to the wrong recipients.

The problem is connected with the new Unified Thread function, which unites all dialogues with one user in one conversation. In theory, it should have simplified the user’s life, but in fact, everything turned out the other way around.

Because of the vulnerability, iMessage incorrectly merges dialogs, which is why messages addressed to one recipient are sent to others.

The tech support forum and Twitter were flooded with complaints from users whose messages were sent to the wrong recipients. Apple has not yet made any official statements about the problem, although tech support is actively responding to all who have noted it in their complaints on Twitter.

According to Apple, the Unified Thread feature works as expected. If several users “sit” under one Apple ID on the iOS device at once, their dialogs will be merged regardless of the email address or phone number set in the settings.

Recall the other day in iOS 12, a vulnerability was discovered that allows you to bypass the password and get access to the user’s confidential data stored on the device. Moreover, the Chinese team Pangu has already developed a jail break for iPhone XS running iOS 12.

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