Alpine Linux fixes a critical Vulnerability

The vulnerability could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code remotely.

Security researcher Max Justicz discovered several vulnerabilities in the lightweight distribution of Alpine Linux, often used together with Docker. The most dangerous of them allows you to launch a “man in the middle” attack or use a malicious packet mirror to remotely execute arbitrary code on the victim’s computer. This is especially bad, because the packages do not use TLS, said Justic.

Alpine packages are distributed as .apk files. With their help, the researcher managed to create arbitrary files that allowed him to remotely execute the code.

Currently, the vulnerability has already been fixed, and Justic recommended that those who use Alpine Linux in the production environment reassemble images. “It seems that .apk has one major developer who has fixed the vulnerability in less than a week. The main developer Alpine released a new release soon after it, “the researcher said.

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