3 processors of top-end smartphones and “MacBook with a touchscreen” are presented. 8K Support

Computer technology develops most dynamically. Modern smart phones are no less productive than many computers. And every year their opportunities increase. This is achieved, among other things, thanks to the use of new processors – central, graphic and video processing. How much more powerful will the processors of the upcoming flagships and innovative laptops presented by ARM and how many times will their ability to handle artificial intelligence tasks increase?

Companies annually release their new flagship smartphones. They are usually equipped with new chipsets. This means that the hardware platform hardware components are updated. ARM introduced a new core of increased performance (“big”) – Cortex-A76. In addition, it presents the next graphics processor Mali-G76, as well as a video processor Mali-V76, which supports the resolution of 8K, which may be distributed in the future. More detailed information on ARM components was considered by Peter (Peter) on the pages of the resource gsmarena.com with reference to ARM Community in the context of additional details published fossbytes.com. New components will be able to find application not only in top-end smartphones, but also in personal computers.

The superiority of Cortex-A76 from ARM over Cortex-A75

In comparison with the core of Cortex-A75, manufactured in accordance with a 10-nanometer process, whose clock frequency is 2.8 gigahertz, the manufacturing process of the Cortex-A76 is 7-nanometer, and the clock speed of the new core is 3.0 gigahertz. Cortex-A76, as noted, is 35% more productive and 40% more energy efficient. It is based on ARM’s DynamIQ technology. Since in the trend of artificial intelligence, the new CPUs will almost quadruple the speed in processing the tasks of machine learning. Almost doubled the bandwidth of memory.

These kernels are considered ARM as components of “class [for] laptops.” The first processors based on new cores will combine two cores Cortex-A76 with several cores A55. The announcement of the new kernel does not mean that the A75 will cease to be used. A76 is a large core, and in smaller and less expensive chipsets the A75 will continue to be used.

Mali-G76 – a powerful and energy-efficient graphics processor

The Mali-G76 has become the latest graphics processor of the Bifrost family. It is manufactured in accordance with the 7-nanometer process. In comparison with the G72, a 50% increase in productivity is expected, and energy efficiency is expected to increase by 30%. The processing capacity of machine learning tasks will also increase significantly – by 2.7 times.

ARM introduced a video processor Mali-V76 with support for 8K

The third new component for future devices is the Mali-V76 video processor. It supports encoding video with a resolution of 8K at a speed of 30 frames per second, of course, if the camera devices will also support this resolution. ARM notes that video quality will increase by 25%, which is achieved due to the improvement of the algorithm. This video processor is also capable of decoding 8K-video at a speed of 60 frames per second, and video, whose resolution is 4K, at a rate of 120 frames per second. It also supports the playback of four 4K-video streams at 60 frames per second. By reducing the resolution to 1080p, the user can enjoy simultaneously sixteen video streams.

New ARM components can be used by Apple in the Project Star – MacBook with a touchscreen

If we talk about the prospects of using new ARM components, they can find application not only in computers running Microsoft Windows 10, but also in a device not yet represented by Apple, which on the Web is called Project Star. Probably, it can be a MacBook with a touch screen, the hardware of which will be based on components from ARM.

Discuss the new ARM components – the core of the Cortex-A76 CPU, the Mali-G76 graphics processor, the Mali-V76 video processor.

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